Chair Yoga – The Sun Salute

Extract from the manual for the course Chair Yoga Teacher Training. Our thanks to Anjaneya, [email protected]

1-Sitting in Mountain Pose, inhale deeply
2-Exhale, palms together
3-Inhale, stretch up with the spine and arms
4-Exhale, stretch forward (no need to emphasise down)
5-Place hands under right knee and inhale right knee up, open chest
6-Exhale down and switch legs
7-Inhale, left leg up
8-Exhale down and place hands on shins
9-Inhale, lift chest up
10-Exhale down and reach back to hold the back of the chair or anywhere you can reach
11-Inhale, lift the chest
12-Exhale down
13-Inhale, reach forward and up
14-Exhale, relax the arms