The Yoga LIT Experience

You have taken the Sivananda Teachers’ Training Course, maybe the Advanced Teachers’ Training Course and wonder what is the next step for you to move further in your practice and spiritual life?

The Ashram de Yoga Sivananda in Orleans is offering you a new possibility to expand your knowledge and yoga experience in a six-month guided residential programme of study, practice and service. You will immerse yourself in a yogic lifestyle, expand your knowledge, develop your teaching skills and discover your hidden talents while living in the inspiring and protected atmosphere of a spiritual community.

Yoga LIT is the first step to developing a Yoga University at the Ashram de Yoga Sivananda for the long term study of yogic and vedic sciences in the Gurukula tradition (the ancient yogic system of learning). The minute I read about the LIT program, I knew I had to do it. I didn’t practice yoga much before my TTC 2 years ago, nor much after. However, this newly gained energy and knowledge gave me the strength and determination to make the changes I needed in my life, professionally and sentimentally. It felt liberating at first, but after a while, I realized that these external changes were not sufficient. Something was still missing inside.

I was not ready then to commit to full time karma yoga but I had the desire to go deeper into my quest of truth and understanding. At 35 years old, I sensed the urge to ground my life into a strong spiritual and physical discipline. With daily satsangs, asana and pranayama practice, karma yoga and studying, along with weekly teachings and thorough interview with a swami, the LIT program seemed the perfect toolbox to finally implement yoga into my cells !

As a result, I received precious guidance from the scriptures and the swamis, but also from this new life style of living among nature, in a community of fellow karma yogis, going through the same « yogic washing machine ». My intuition grew by developing my concentration and being daily in touch with my body. My positivity improved by contemplating nature, singing my heart out in satsangs, sharing with like-minded people and reading inspirational writings. My mental stability developed along with my physical strength.

Nonetheless, I am starting to accept that the spiritual path is like peeling an endless onion. The deeper gets the practice, the biggest the challenges! It seems that the more I cultivate relaxation, contentment and light inside of me, the more I create a healing space for my being to express what needs to be addressed….how ever uncomfortable that may be ! It feels like a battle sometimes but it is such a release to eventually see then accept myself the way I am, and beyond. I am now ready to do karma yoga until the ATTC this summer !”

Sivapriya is staff at the Ashram de Yoga Sivananda where she completed TTC and the Yoga LIT programme.