Bringing Peace to the World

by Swami Sivananda

Blessed Immortal Self,

You have read many books and listened to many discourses. You have shown appreciation and interest in the sacred scriptures. You have developed faith in the greatness and the glory of the sages and saints of ancient India. But do not forget that this is not enough. The world wants much more from you, you who have love for humanity, who wish for the world peace and prosperity.

What are you going to do ? Have you bestowed thought on that ? Do not feel that you are only an ordinary individual, one in millions. Do not think that unless you have co-operation from thousands and thousands all over the world, nothing of real importance will be done. No; you forget that every thought sent out by you— you, the humble individual that you think you are—every thought sent in the proper manner, with full trust in God, in pure unselfishness, has behind it the support of all well-wishers, embodied and disembodied.

You do not know how many great well-wishers of the world are everywhere in spirit ready to give invisible help to selfless workers. Every thought that you send out is a vibration which never perishes. It goes on vibrating every particle of the universe and if your thoughts are noble, holy and forcible, they set in vibration every sympathetic mind. Unconsciously all people who are like you, take the thought you have projected and in accordance with the capacity that they have, they send out similar thoughts.

The result is that, without your knowledge of the consequences of your own work, you will be setting in motion great forces which will work together and put down the lowly and mean thoughts generated by the selfish and the wicked. Just as the sun goes on continuously converting into vapour every drop of water that is on the surface of the earth and just as all the vapour thus rising up gathers together in the form of clouds, all the thoughts that you project from your own lonely corner will mount up and be wafted across space, join similar thoughts projected by those who are like you and, in the end, all these holy thoughts will come down with tremendous force to subjugate and destroy the evil forces which at present threaten to overpower the good.

If every reader of this message makes it a point to devote one hour every day in meditation, to the projection of peace thoughts, there will be thousands of people doing the same thing every day and the total effort of such combined thought projection is inestimable. Not only will there be the individual force of every such person acting in co-operation but the additional strength received from Invisible Helpers, the ever-present Masters, the Videhas, who will silently guide all and make them pursue the right path.

They are the great Beings who enter into the intellects and emotions of every good and pious person and use the person as an instrument for serving mankind. Will you not, therefore, make now this New Year resolve of devoting at least one hour every day to project thoughts of peace so that the present troubles and turmoil of the world may cease ? This is a very simple thing that you can do—yet the response from the Almighty and His agents will be of great value. Make your own individual appeal to God and ask Him to send you Light to help humanity for the establishment of peace and promotion of happiness.